From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-02757

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James Haeberle
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
What happens to journalism should be the result of honest citizens' responses to what journalism says and does. It is not the province of the government to step in and save any business. If it dies, it dies. It seems suspicious that government representatives are anxious to rescue the media which have been largely left wing in their reporting and editorializing of the news for many years. The notion to tax certain types of statements or networks or radio stars is a blatant and unconstitutional effort to silence the opposition to Mr. Obama's programs. The government should simply butt out of many issues and private concerns which, as long as they remain non-violent, are of no concern to the government. For example, the current attempt to get the US to join the UN Treaty on Small Arms is a plan by this administration to confiscate the personally owned firearms of American citizens. First they'll pledge to do what all the other signatories have done, create a list of who has what and where. That will make the forcible collection of citizens' firearms easier. Atleast that's what Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama think. But what they don't understand is that many, many of the citizens are on to their sneaky, underhanded, unconstitutional plan to disarm us and leave us helpless. Remember this. Many of us will refuse to cooperate with such unAmerican and unconstitutional acts. Citizens by the millions will simply refuse to turn over their personal property to government agents. And those government agents might rebel, too. They will not be comfortable with orders which tell them to barge into homes just like their own and start stealing the only means of self-defense that many people have. Chicago politics won't cut it here in the big leagues. We who have not forgotten what it is to be true Americans will resist. It has been said that, "Idaho is what America was." The same thing has been said of Montana and Wyoming, and I know that many other states in the west and the south feel the same way. And tiny little Vermont, tucked away up there in New England, is perhaps the most free state in the union. Messing around with a free press, taxing parts of it out of existence when they don't say what you like, and allying yourselves with politicians and with whole nations (most of them dictatorships) is not going to lose us our freedom of the press nor our right to keep and bear arms. But it could easily lose your bosses their jobs.