From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-02752

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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I am appalled and highly offended that the FTC would even consider "reinventing journalism". That is not your job to re-invent anything. Or bail out anything. We are capitalists here in the U.S. Journalism is doing just fine. Things are working like they are suppose to. If an entity offers a good service, and it's in demand because of that, then it will survive. If it doesn't hold up to scrutiny, and doesn't measure up, it most likely will not. It's the entities choice how well it does by meeting the demands of the people. The journalism you strive to prevent failure of, falls in the category of not measuring up to the people's demands. It is so wrapped up in itself and it's agendas, that even with the signs of failure, it refuses to go back to reporting the news with truth and accuracy. It is filled with half truths, inaccuracies, and much of the time, down right lies. Much of today's reporting is filtered through their agendas. Everything has their slant of bias on it. It is no wonder that people have turned to other means of getting the news. It seems YOUR agenda is to stifle freedom of speech. That goes against everything we Americans have always stood for. It seems that you feel that if you can stifle criticism of the Obama administration, that you can further his [and yours?] causes. If you don't believe in freedom of speech and would stifle what doesn't fit your agenda, then maybe you will be better served serving in Chavez's administration down in Venezuela. There is no room for people or organizations--government or not--that would ruin our country for the rest of us. Stand for the Constitution or take your services elsewhere. There are good people that would love to have your jobs. People that will stand with America not ruin it. Preserve our freedom of speech. Preserve Freedom. Stifling criticism will turn around and bite you in the butt sooner than later. If Journalism, as you term journalism, can't make a go of it on it's own merits, it can ...GO. No more bailouts. 'No' to taxes that are meant to control free speech.