From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-02671

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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I understand you have just released a report "Potential Policy Recommendation to Support Reinvention of Journalism" which would tax many free forms of printed and electronic media which are outside the major "old established outlets" and I might say "money loosers" in the business. They are money loosers because they do not give us the truth. We are not idiots. Have you forgotten the phrase from our U.S. Constitution---"Congress shall make no law ....abridging the freedom of speech , or of the press" I interpret that to mean that the FTC or any other burocratic establishment shall make no decree that abridges the right of our citizens to hear and read all truth. I AM STRONGLY AGAINST TAXING FREE SPEECH IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY EXCUSE. I AM AGAINST REGULATING IT IN ANY WAY THAT GIVES WASHINGTON CONTROL OF WHO IS ON AIR AND WHO CAN BE IN PRINT; OR WHO PAYS AN EXTRA PREMIUM FOR THE RIGHT. WE CITIZENS WILL CONTROL THE MEDIA BY WHAT WE BELEIVE IS TRUTH AND NOT PUBLIC POLITICS AS USUAL --better known as B.S. The free market has done a fine job up to this point of giving us the news. Thank you for the opportunity to express my views of your treading in areas where you do not belong and suggesting actions that are unconstitutional. This comes on the heels of the fairness doctrine which is also nothing more than an attempt to make it more costly for media to give us the programing that we feel necessary. We want the whole truth and not P.R. half truths. We want both sides of the story--the whole argument. I am quite capable of analyzing public actions against my core values and deciding if they fit my sense of right and wrong. My mother had a saying "Just because it is legal, it is not necessarily right." Do what is RIGHT---Leave us with our freedom to disagree peacefully. Our Constitution was written so that we could.