From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-02160

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Demetria Nanos
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
The idea of a "Journalism Division of Ameri-Corps" is a Soviet-Fascist style move to impede the First Amendment of the United States. The government cannot establish a religion, even a secular religion of politically motivated brainwashing. Yes, it is a form of propaganda when the government is directly involved with media. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, JFK, - all have had problems with the media, and all survived it. Those who try to control the US press always arouse opposition to themselves - LBJ had that problem, as did Nixon, and now Obama? To propose the training of journalists with federal funds is a joke. We have plenty of colleges and universities for this, and even a high school dropout can become a journalist. If you label it 'propaganda training' it will be closer to true. The American public doe NOT want shills for politicians being called 'reporters'. They can be called public relations media, or press agents; they cannot be called reporters. If a news agency or corporation or school accepts federal funds for 'training of reporters' they are giving up independence and objectivity to become pimps for the state. It is the height of idiocy to propose government helping to pay salaries of reporters. They are then Working for the Federal Government!!! This is a blatantly obvious move to muzzle the press through fear of losing their jobs! If government "helps" the media, it is co-opting objectivity and becomes a fascist dictator to the press. Don't do it! Just say NO to a so-called "journalism bailout fund"!!! NO! Why is the government so interested in seizing control of the news media unless there is an administration move to control the 'news' even more than it does? Already, we do not get stories about information here in the United States that they get in Europe and Asia - I see this in the online newspapers from other countries.Involving government in any form of media only makes the fascist comparison more true and casts the worst possible light on the President! How can an administration that says it is dedicated to "openness' try to do such a dictatorial thing? If Reagan or Bush did it, you and I would scream. Why are you going along with this Politburo approach? How can the Obama administration endorse this form of information tyranny? Why is the FTC making the move to criminal intrusion on the First Amendment? There are oppressive taxes on all of us who are not part of the cushy federal system that bleeds we taxpayers to pay bloated salaries and benefits to federal employees. NO to the tax proposed on electronics and electronic media tools!! It is already difficult to impossible for low-income and poor people to acquire computers and such for their children to use to be able to do homework - now you want to make it more difficult, more oppressive, more dictatorial by increasing the cost of I-Pads, computers, televisions (which double as monitors for computers nowadays), and radios?!? These proposals indicate that this administration is set to limit the amounts of information and education that the public already pays for through sales, fees, taxes, and levies. This administration seems set on strangling freedom of the press, freedom to have redress of grievances (by limiting news to only govt. approved drivel), and freedom to read or write whatever we want. A tax on news aggregators is folly - it would have to include search engines, which would lead to more suppression of news items, and violate the First Amendment again! Why would you tax Yahoo, NewsNow, Google Reader, SlashGeo, etc. when it will lead to more underground papers and movements against the government, pushing more people to reject this current administration and the people it wants elected? Punishing "The Drudge Report" and its' ilk will rebound and become punishment for the rest of us who want to be informed, not propagandized by the right or the left.