From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-01742

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Penny Hester
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I am an American Citizen who is conservative in my politics, way of life, and stand on my morals. I do not impose my beliefs on other people and live my life as I see it should be. I am appalled that there is a proposed tax to hurt the conservative media. I like to be able to choose which media outlet I want to get my news and information from. That is my basic right as an American. This country was founded upon freedom and one of those freedoms is the freedom of speech and it seems that lately, that, that freedom and others are being threatened every week. This saddens me greatly and I think it is shameful! If you do not agree with conservative media, then just don't watch it...if it offends you, again, turn it off and just don't watch. This is what I have had to do for years. Does anyone care if anything offended me? No, and if it does, I am told to have an open mind. Well, open mindness works both ways. Have an open mind to conservative ways, as far as to at least, show it some respect. You are saying to everyone who has conservative views that we do not count and are meaningless. I was born an American and I have the same rights as any other American. There are extremists on the broad spectrum of life. I do not condone ANY extremist's acts, whether they claim to be conservative or liberal. They are few and far between. How about fairness? Where's the fairness to take away the conservative American's rights and freedoms? It not fair, not fair at all. This is wrong as wrong can be and you know it is. This is not the American way. Our forefathers would find this a disgrace. I'll go as far to say also, that although I do not agree with most liberals, I would still think it to be wrong to tax them also. This is AMERICA, the land of the FREE. It should remain that way. Please do not do this. You are imposing upon my rights and freedoms and my family's rights and freedoms. If this goes through, do not preach to me about fairness and open mindness when you clearly refuse to exercise either one yourself. Talk about hypocrisy. I beg of you to have a conscience and reconsider what you are doing and how unfair it is. If you don't like conservative views...simply look the other way. There are several liberal media you can choose from as well as you should have that right. I deserve that same right.