From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-01257

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rebecca robertson
New York
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
This is not so much a comment but a prediction of what I believe will happen if the government moves to try to impede or hinder the basic freedoms of the people of the United States. It has becoming increasingly obvious to the average American that after our government, via our elected officials, has sold our nation down the river, they now need to sieze more and more control so we will be nothing more than herded cattle or little droids. This idea is not of a conspiratorial nature anymore, but is the average opinion of the guy or gal getting their Dunkin Donuts, or shopping at WalMart, or going to church. Even the average American has got some clue about how they have been USED AND MANIPULATED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT, WHO HAVE BEEN IN CONCERT WITH VARIOUS POWERFUL ENTITIES, BE THEY CORPORATIONS OR WALL STREET OR GLOBAL ENTITIES OR RELIGIOUS GROUPS. This is a no-brainer these days, as we Americans like to say. I tell people "You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy." And it's all very simple. People in powerful positions did what people do by nature-look out for themselves and over time this became our very corrupted, mis-shapen and not what it was intended government. And it is by far not a partisan affair; it's a power corrupts people affair. So we, the Average American, are not quite as stupid as this particular administration thinks. This administration, in every way shape and form, wants America and Americans not to even exist as their own entity. They are just in the way of the agenda, which is to have power and control and a global order; no borders; borders get in the way of profits and Americans are not where the profit is anymore. These ideas are not outlandish or Orwelllian anymore, but they have become the staple of average American thought. In other words, we actually do get it. All attempts to make the Average American out to be an idiot (Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin) have FAILED. Now you want to blame talk radio because Americans get it by and large. Again, you think Americans are so stupid that they can be brainwashed by a voice in a box to go to their radio at a certain time and blindly and stupidly follow orders from anyone who is a bit smarter than them. My friends, you are tragicallly mistaken about who Americans are and this attempt at curtailment of liberties will certainly waken the remaining giants who are sleeping.