From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-01226

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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
As an American citizen, I am continually appalled at what the radical leftist Obama administration is trying to do with my Constitutional rights. How dare you!!!! We see the control and the potential to strip more of our money from our pockets. You will not be allowed to do this!!! We will elect representatives who WILL fight for our rights. This administration is over reaching and will pay the consequences. The American people see the left for what they truly are: radical socialists hell bent on turning this country into a Marxist regime. The elite in Washington better start packing their bags. Never again in history will we allow any administration to gain as much momentum as this one THINKS it has. Your true colors have been shown and it is obvious that in an economic recession, when the interests of the people should be taken into account, you have and continue to brush those aside for your own power grabbing agenda. We are fed up with Washington. It is a threat to the American people. We don't take lightly to threats. We will express our disgust for the Democrats this year and every year going forward. The American way of life will not go down without a fight. The entitlements will have to stop because they are UNSUSTAINABLE. Any fourth grader can understand that and be rightfully pissed off. What is clear about this administration is they have set out to destroy everything that is good about America and the American dream. I agree there are things that can be improved upon, but an overhaul is not needed, required or desired. This administration WANTS a revolution to brew. I'm not sure what that would look like in the 21st century, but we WILL know who to blame. Obama is ideologically bankrupting this nation and it saddens the majority of its LEGAL citizens. NO MORE TAXES ON ANYTHING!!!!!!!! STOP SPENDING US INTO OBLIVION!!!! THE PEOPLE WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH IRRESPONSIBILITY ANY LONGER. WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER GENERATION ACCUSTOMED TO HAND OUTS AND NOT ABLE TO EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF HARD WORK AND REACHING REASONABLE GOALS. We will not be controlled and fed censored info from the media who is in the bag for Obama. We will NOT BAIL OUT NOR FUND JOURNALISTS WHO ARE NOT JOURNALISTS!!!! Hear that loud and clear! They are not too big to fail. We would love for them to be a distant memory rather than a tool to advance a morally corrupt agenda. Prepare for battle. You will not be passing bills in the middle of the night that you have not read and expect the people of this country to just roll over for you. Our tolerance for this nonsense has reached its peak. You will be accountable and out in the open. Any "performance tax, cell phone tax, ISP tax or efforts to silence conservative stations or channels will be met head on with exposure and swift vacant seats for those who vote for such deals. There is a bigger movement in this country than the leftists think. We are ready to fight because we know we must. Our country is being destroyed by radicals and yet the conservatives are made out to be the bad guys. Only God can help this country survive the mess we are in. Too bad so many in Washington have turned their backs on the one entity who could guide them. Instead, they line their pockets and surround themselves with lobbyists and America's enemies!!! Yes, there needs to be change in Washington, not across the country. NO SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, NO CAP AND TRADE BASED ON A HOAX AND LINING THE POCKETS OF AL GORE, NO LOBBYISTS, NEW TERM LIMITS, AND THE LIST GOES ON. America is not broken, the leftists in charge are. The damage set in motion will have repercussions for generations to come. The left must be so proud of themselves. We will be proud to see every one of them fall from grace, including the beholden media....NBC, CBS, ABC, MSN, HUFFINGTON POST, NY TIMES, LA TIMES, NY POST....ALL OF THEM.