From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-00662

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Shirley McChesney
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
The FTC must not have a patriotic member in the organization who loves what American Demoncray stands for. How can you sacrifice your own country--the best in the world ---and be insrumental in driving it into socialism for the sake of temporary personal gain or power. Don't you know that your agency will be sacrifed if it serves the Administration's purposes?? The FTC has no right to become involved with freedom of the press. If the journalism organizations can't make it on their own virtue or the value that they can bring to society then they must redesign their paradigm or dissolve. If I can't make a success of a business, then I must be accountable to that and redirect my energies. What ever happened to ACCOUNTABILITY for one's own success or failure?? That is what our Nation stands for ----- personal or corporate accountability. If I am a terrible singer, do I expect my neighbors to be taxed so I can receive an income and continue to be a terrible singer? If I'm a terrible chef, do I expect to tax my neighbors so that I can continue to prepare terrible meals? If I call myself an architect and can't design a safe building that can't withstand earthquakes, do I expect my neighbors to be taxed to provide me a salary to continue to build new unsafe buildings? We all know what this tax is about ---- to limit freedom of speech and press by any group that speaks negatively of this Administration. The authors of the plan may gain temporary pleasure, power, and godly control from this kind of destructive idea but you and your loved ones will ultimately be effected with the drowning aspects of loss of freedom of the press and speech. Nothing grows in health when it is planted in muck and mire. BE a patriotic agency---STOP this action devising 5 new possible taxes as a way to fund media and limit freedom of the press. Stand on our American principles established by true patriots who sacrifed fortunes, health, profession and reputation to do what was RIGHT for the people of this country. They could think beyond them selves and their own temporary personal gain, to achieve their vision of what was truly good for the citizens of U.S.A. You, too, can stand up for Life , Liberty, and the pursuit of what the signers of our constitution truly intended our country --- Do not move forward with this taxation idea. Perhaps you have no idea what our constitution says ---could that be??? Oh, my goodness--I have a sickening feeling that that is the truth behind this draft of yours. Are you willing to contribute to Historians saying your agency was a stepping stone to destroying America. Now matter how you try to control truth it WILL be revealed! Anyone connected to the destruction of something good will ultimately be caught up in the destruction. That's the Law of Nature --what goes out, comes back. Just like the Law of Gravity--what goes up, comes down. Cordially, Shirley McChesney