From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-00529

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Stephen Mallory
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I am absolutely opposed to any law that in any way taxes certain groups for the direct benefit of other opposing groups. This new law would tax those who are successful (Drudge, etc.) and reward those who can't make it because of their bias in reporting (New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Seattle Post Intel., Los Angeles Times, etc.) Conservative Talk, TV and Internet are successful because they report the truth and have a following who recognizes the truth. Liberal Press is failing because they report what THEY believe, not the unbiased truth. They want to make up our minds for us, make our decisions, and then tell us how fortunate we are. We NO NOT buy this garbage anymore. Contrary to your liberal, elitist mind-set, we are indeed sophisticated, thanks to the conservative press. Any attempt on your part to use the back door to shut down conservatives like Rush, Shawn, Mark, Michelle, Laura, Glenn and others will be met with tremendous opposition. We will not sit by and let liberalism ruin this country. Surely you see the discontent the citizens of this country have with the way you liberals are ruining our great country. It will not be permitted. The next election will show you as much. Back off of the socialistic move and try to do something useful, like getting porn and other such crap off the internet, TV and the radio. Leave the only ones who are bringing us the truth ALONE. You have heard the saying "survival of the fittist"; if the liberal press can't survive on its own, then let it fail. Again, the reason they are failing is because they do not have a good product to sell. Who wants to be spoon fed liberalism, lies and fabrications when they can tune in to Fox and get the unbiased truth. Why is it that liberals think they always have to even the playing field for natural born losers. Maybe it is because liberals have nothing to offer but losing. I vehemently oppose propping up losers. Get on with something that is good for the nation and drop this stupid idea.