From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-00485

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Thomas Clouse
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
It is most perplexing that you the few feel you must control and admonish the many regardless of the consequences and truth. You attempt to mandate your greedy agenda unto the majority whilst you are in possession of this your temporary empowerment. You the few are so absolutely reticent within your arrogant behavior and pompous postures, fearing the masses of the majority, fearing the truth. Yours is a fictitious world of imagination and perceived righteousness. You’ve lost any sense of dignity for right and wrong; you care not as your agenda must prevail regardless of the cost. You lack respect for anyone outside of your limited sphere, a closed sphere which apparently is detached from reality. You perceive yourselves as the all knowing, the all insightful, the guiding light of our times. This has to be, is meant to be, you believe. You say the masses of the people within our country, the majority, are too ignorant and complacent to understand the complexities of “your” world and “your” perception of our affairs. You perceive yourselves the enlightened ones beholding of the intelligence, with your esteemed titles and responsibilities, for which the likes of us, those of inferior intellect, talent and judgment, should be eternally grateful for your services and dedication; your dictums and ideations we should bow to without question. How pompous you are. How disingenuous and destructive to our society you are. How removed from our morals and principals you have become. How misguided you are from the truth. But, alas, you don’t care about the truth do you? You only care about your derriere, personal wealth and your self righteous ego. You do not care for our society or those within it outside of your minute sphere. Those things you have made perfectly clear. You care not for the destruction you inflict. You care not for the consequences, morality, the truth or the common good. Yours is all about you, your power, your control, your little kingdom and squelching anyone or anything which questions or conflicts with your desires, ambitions and agenda. What will you do when your moat dries and your bridge crumbles? What will you do when you are held to your own devices and dictums? What will you do when the perceived powerless become the powerful? The ruthless kings without a kingdom, someday without a power base to inflict fear and control; I believe you know of this day to come. Thus, you prepare by hording to afford your eventual unscathed escape from those you have abused lest you be held accountable. Above us you are not!