From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-00308

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Jim Spencer
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I spent almost a half century working as a newspaper reported, editor, publisher, columnist and I am embarassed by the poor quality of work being passed off as news in todays marketplace. As the media has become more and more liberal it has also become more and more less concerned with the truth and more interested in producing a product that is an easy sell. It is hard to tell which is news and which is opinion today for the common man.One of the great institutions (a free press) has been compromised by economics and shoddy politics which in the end it will be the down fall of this democracy. My family can trace its roots here to the Mayflower and Jamestown. The family tree branches include names like Adams, Laycock, Lincoln, Curtis, Lee, Cody, Conrad, Shoemaker and the list goes on. They settled from coast to coast and were farmers, businessmen, politicans, publishers, soldiers but mostly patriots who believed in this dream that a great nation could be built on hard work, honesty and faith in God. I am sure most of my ancestors are spinning in their graves over what has happened to this country. Remember one of the greatest principals our founding fathers had was "the government that governs least governs best. It seems that there is now an accelerated effort to water down the rights that were the foundation and the guarantee of the Constitution in the first place. It seems that the present office holders for the most part in Washington, D.C. are more interested in feathering their own nest than in protecting and serving the public that elected them. They design programs that sound good to get votes but in reality they do not work for the common good. What this country needs to do is get back to basics and quit making work so it can try to justify a bloated bureaucracy. What America needs now is less regulations and more jobs. Less unions and more job opportunities. Less government and more chances to pull ones self up by their boot strapes. America needs to remember where its greatness came from and return to those ideas. We need less over educated fools in office and more common sense. We need fewer lawyers and more farmers in the legislature, people with some good old fashion horse sense. What happened to government of the people, by the people and for the people. Now we have developed into an oligarchy that sees itself having dictatorial powers. An old weekly newspaper editor and publisher I knew in Idaho many years ago, when looking at what the government was doing with new regulations that limited the rights of citizens inch by inch would say, "We'll fix that come the revolution." He firmly believed that the Federal Government would push to far and at that point the voters would take back power and clean out Washington, D.C. and do away with all governmental agencies and employees and start over. Washington has to stop and think, if that is still within the realm of possibility for bureaucrats, and start restoring and protecting the rights of a free people and not try and micro-manage the lives of the citizens. People may make mistakes but atleaast they are their own mistakes. They do not need a government to make mistakes for them without their consent. We tell the world we are a prime example of personal freedom while we allow our government to nick away at the freedoms we are suppost to enjoy. We awere guaranteed the the Right to life,freedom and the pursuit of happiness. So instead of more regulations why not start removing the restrictions that are holding this country back from reaching its greatness.