From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-00158

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Steven Manseau
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
Please do not confuse the "main stream media" with journalism. It is a rare moment indeed when I witness an act of journalism being commented in today's "main stream media". Todays' "media" is decidedly biased: Liberal, it is why the press is dying and should be allowed to die a merciful death. You will not find: the Who, What, Where and When in todays "main stream media". You find it on the Internet. As Walter Cronkite said in a moment of candor 42 years ago:, " The Average Americans are far too stupid to think for themselves, it is the job of the journalist to analyze the news and tell them what to think". Journalism has never been the same since, readership and viewership has dropped steadily ever since for that very reason. I will not sit idly by and have my hard-earned tax dollars stolen from me to support that which no longer serves myself or the public. The reasons for an antiquated media to be allowed to die are manifold: Cutting down trees in Canada to grind into paper, to feed through expensive machinery, then hand-carried to millions of doorsteps, only to be considered old news before the reader even picks it up off the stoop; this is an insane business model on its face. The internet can update a story every second, without any waste. Should the government have subsidized Buggy Whip factories in 1915? Or vacuum tube factories in 1970? The "main stream media" is owned and operated by a Liberal Elite, a monolithic voice of propaganda, I refuse to subsidize their ivory-tower viewpoint. The "main stream media" is dead for good reason: most Americans don't want to hear one-sided opinion that does not represent their viewpoint. Making an unwilling electorate forced to nursemaid this dinosaur only adds insult to injury. This last election cycle, the "main stream media" demonstrated Liberal bias in it's full ugliness. The Press owners picked the candidate they wanted elected and vilified all comers in the most disgusting and unethical manner, and continues to this day to evade even a semblance of balanced reporting to all matters foreign and domestic, taking their cues from the white house. The FTC proposes to tax the only truly free media in order to subsidize a corrupt and antiquated propaganda machine? I Think Not. The main problem with the "main stream media" is too few people control too much of what would be disseminated. If the old model worked without subsidy, what changed? The internet taught people there is more than one opinion in this world than that of Liberals. The Internet is one genie that won't be going back in the bottle.