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Michael Giles
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I've watched this whole 'journalism' dynamic develop over the last 30 years as a 'journalism addict' so to speak. I'm an artist and once a very dedicated left-leaning person, having been almost thoroughly propagandized by my Higher Education experiences. Through time, though, as a teacher in what we can call Cal Ed, I discovered that my college comrades have quite thoroughly wrecked California's once vaunted educational systems. Originally this impacted only or mainly Higher Education. Now this has impacted K-12 almost totally. This effort has always been covered up by our local media, most particularly The Sacramento Bee. Not only has the Bee been purposely asleep at the wheel in regards to alerting the public to the stealthy, incremental erasing of functional education of their children in our schools, The Bee has actively advanced those many agendas which have eroded our once great educational system. Every system of human endeavor is dynamic, our media systems being one serious example. Traditionally, when one found glaring mis-statements in one's local newspaper, we could feel free to call the editor of said paper and communicate one's concerns. Not so, The Sacramento Bee. As a teacher who's successfully worked with difficult students, I've called The Bee's editors occasionally over the years using a soft approach re: positive commentary, glaring omissions, glaring mis-statements, even outright lies. The problem this forum is trying to address is NOT rooted in the internet-led changes to our journalism model, or in any other structural problems needing to be addressed by our national government. Journalism's problems are illustrated in the responses I received from The Bee's editors. At first I was amazed (even though I was a Democrat) that they were 'reporting' only a VERY NARROW band of 'politically correct' line of commentary, not remotely in the vein of true journalism. Slowly it became evident that The Bee's editors were on an extreme Progressive imperative re: which stories they would print/repeatedly print/which they would hide/who they would glorify with puff pieces/who they'd attack and demonize/etc. Thus, it became more evident that a stealth revolution had occurred within The Sacramento Bee. The Bee editors have repeatedly sworn at me and hung up on me, after trying to condescend to me, calling me names and otherwise trying to cover for their overt twisting of the 'news' which now is known far and wide as fake or perverted 'news'. These people are convinced that they alone are smarter and better than The Common Man and Woman . . terrified of The Truth. The American Constitution coming from the American Revolution is the finest and best Revolutionary document in all of Man's history in it's imperative for the Freedom of The Common Man and Woman. The imperative of The Bee's editors is to undo The American Revolution in service of their Marxist-led devolutionary revolutions of old Europe back in Karl Marx's time. Progressive and varying forms of socialism are indeed devolutionary compared to the greatness of The American Revolution. All of MSM (print/broadcast) is permeated with these sorts of editors/newsreaders. Americans have largely seen through their bait and switch perversion of journalism, by Columbia School of Journalism style deceivers. Small papers all around Sacramento are thriving, one almost dead a few years ago now is dynamically taking away The Bee's advertisers . . because this paper allows every political voice to speak. Totally opposite to The Bee. This discussion revolves around "follow the money". MSM is corrupt, unwilling to tell the truth which comes from printing all points of view, allowing citizens to participate. ABC, NBC, even PBS see themselves as 'smarter and better' than The People of America except for those who agree with their elitist 'art party' pc. We do not need to keep our antique, corrupt 'journalism' model just to keep fake journalists employed.