16 CFR Part 425: "Rule Concerning the Use of Prenotification Negative Option Plans" #543809-00094

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16 CFR Part 425: "Rule Concerning the Use of Prenotification Negative Option Plans"
RESERVATROL ( free Trials Available) shipping fee 99cents. On May 4th 2009 I responded to an AD about this product by Computer Oprah Winfrey's picture was on the left bottom corner and Dr. OZ on the right bottom corner. There were also comments about the 60 Minutes show and also Barbara Walters Show, giving the impression that they approved this product.I thought also that I was dealing with a U.S.Company. Product was mailed from Shipping Management, 307 Greene St.Hollywood Fl 33020 I received no invoice with this product and that I was supposed to cancel the product within 14 days or be charged full price which I was and the charge came through form the UK. I was away at the time of receipt and before I knew it I had been shipped more of the product and this time the charge came through Cyprus. The charges to my account were also different the first being charged by DIRECT RESV and EXTREMERESV and on the 2nd shopment by EXPRESSBERRY. I did get refunded for the first 2 products but not for the 2nd shipment and several attempts at contact through various 800 Nos. All Products were returned to the company so at this time I am out about $175.00. I have also reported the company to the Postal Fraud Unit. So something should be done about this type of false advertising and it is my understanding that Oprah Winfrey and Dr. OZ are suing several companies for using their names without permission. I really thought I was above being taken by advertisers and I wonder just how many people like me were taken in!!! It is abominable when you think one is dealing with a U.S. company and then find out that you get charged from overseas. But most of all, it is the fact that these "free trials" are misrepresented. The company can charge full price if you do not cancel within a certain time limit, a limit that is not even visibly mentioned on the screen - and they actually start sending you additional products when you haven't requested them.