16 CFR Part 425: "Rule Concerning the Use of Prenotification Negative Option Plans" #543809-00008

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Jennair Gerardot
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16 CFR Part 425: "Rule Concerning the Use of Prenotification Negative Option Plans"
Use of Prenotification Negative Option Plans.-- Merchants should not have the authority of taking funds form credit cards without authorization or proof of purchase. I got wrapped into an online scam because it was associated with GOOGLE. I trust Google but his is happening under the guise of the Google Brand and Google is not doing anything to warn consumers. It was the "Work at home" ads associated with Google. I signed up for $1.95 "Shipping fee". I also thought it was a kit relative to Adsense or something similar. I waited for the kit to arrive. It did not. I was given a link to a site that gave me a password to the program. They say that the trial was 12 days until which I would be billed. I never saw anything saying that. The person who I called said this and was very aggressive to me that I agreed to the terms, so there was nothing I could do about it. They billed me $79.90 under the merchant name Pww*Webstores 800-4974988 UT. I called to complain and get a refund and told them to cancel, cease and desist from billing my cc again. They only credited me $39.95. Two weeks later that same company billed me $24.95. Then under a separate company name called Clicksellgo 80035345 800-261-9038 MO, they billed my card $38.77 without authorization. I never saw this merchant name before and never authorized them to take funds from my debit account. I found out it was the same company after doing internet research. There are no receipts showing proof of purchase.