16 CFR Part 310 Telemarketing Sales Rule- Debt Relief Amendments #543670-00112

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16 CFR Part 310 Telemarketing Sales Rule- Debt Relief Amendments
Although possibly a bit too late for me, Consumers definately need protection in this area and it should include that like me consumers look up debt settlement help online & fall prey to third party settlers who in my case are also actually debt collectors or judgment enforcement agencies which i found in web pages hidden behind their original settlement ad web page, and also operating under numerous company names. Mine took my fee of $300 up front, then wanted a "good faith" amount of $500 then called to say they got a settlement agreed to for $1400 all back in June 2009. It is now Oct 2009 and all I get are misleading answers. On the day I asked for my Escrow money back (the $1400) because the creditor/law firm seemed to be dragging their feet since taking so long, I was told it had been released to the creditor/law firm yesterday. I don't even know if the creditor has received the money or even done an agreement as promised paperwork has never been supplied to me. Of course I was also instructed to not talk with the creditor/law firm and the settlement company sent a cease comm letter. Now I don't know what to do as I am feeling I got scammed and this company has stolen my money. So this rule and legislation is needed and maybe needs to be even more strict.