16 CFR Part 310 Telemarketing Sales Rule- Debt Relief Amendments #543670-00111

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Mrs. Camey Leandro
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16 CFR Part 310 Telemarketing Sales Rule- Debt Relief Amendments
To whom it may concern, Wed.Oct.7,2009 I become very ill 9 years ago w/ server pain in my stomach & stabbing pain in the right-side of my ribs.It feels like someone is stabbing me w/ a 12" butcher knife in the front of me & in my back.Before this illness started,I had a wonderful career as a periodontal dental assistant doing surgery w/ a great doctor, (Dr.Damascus,His practice is in Bronxville,N.Y.)and a great boss.I also was starting to plan for my wedding.Everthing was going great untill I became sick.Our wedding was beautiful thanks to my mother-in-law,she made me everything from the almond bags made of lace to my beautiful lace purse to match my wedding dress & the envelope bag made of satin & lace w/ draw string satin handles too every decoration you can think of.On our wedding day,my husband & I should have had a great time,insted,I was very sick & was in the bathroom most of the time.We were going to be married in 2001,but I became ill that year so we postponed the wedding untill the following year,thinking the doctors would be able to help me.Unfortunately,they could not.After all the tests,procedures & surgeries,in & out of the hospitals,the specialists told me I had to find a pain management doctor,which I did immediately,Dr.Peter Zheng(pain management at Lawrence Hospital).I have been seeing him for over 5 years.I finally had to stop working after my last surgery, which I ended up staying in the hospital for 14 days.After that, I could no longer preform my job,my career, because I could no longer sit & assist the doctor during surgery because I was constantly vomiting about every 20 minuets and the nausea never went away(even to this day)and not to mention the excruciating pain.You just can't leave the operating room to vomit and you don't want to be passing sharp surgical instrument over a patient to the doctor in my condition because of the fear of dropping it on the patient and hurting them.So, I had to stop working and go on disability.Going on disability took over 3 years to receive, I even had to hire a lawyer to help me.Since I could't work,It was up to my husband to cover all the bills so we fell into debt w/ all of the hospial bills.We had no choice but to use the credit cards.Our credit score was very good between my husband & I so we did not want to go through bankruptcy do to our age because we wanted to buy a condo or townhouse and if we did we would never be able to buy a home.But, I have to tell you we were all set to go bankrupted and considered renting for the rest of our lives.Fortunately we discovered DSA and if it was not for this company and companies like them we would have nothing.This is a personal plea,that the FTC NOT REGULATE Debt Settlement out of business as Debt Settlement America provides a Valuable benefit & service to people in need,just like my husband & I.Even though we had great credit,we were over extended and no one would let us consolidate our debt.If it wasn't for DSA,we would be financially destroyed.Now,thanks to DSA,we are about 6 month away from becoming debt free.A special thanks to my client care rep.Jeremy Cozart @ DSA for all his patience,caring & understanding when every-thing seemed hopeless.In 1 month(Nov.)my husband will be 47 and I'll be 42 in Febuary,we can not have childern because of me being so ill,we have lost 5 babies.Because we can't have a child,we decided to become foster parents,but we have to buy a home w/ 3 bedrooms in order to become foster parents because the child needs his or her own bedroom.We could not raise a child in a one bedroom apartment.Thanks to DSA our dreams of a family & a home to raise childern in,is finally feeling like there is hope again. Sincerely, Camey Danielle Leandro