16 CFR Part 310 Telemarketing Sales Rule- Debt Relief Amendments #543670-00017

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Craig Golde
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16 CFR Part 310 Telemarketing Sales Rule- Debt Relief Amendments
I have been struggling with debt and have not been able to pay even the minimum payment. I did not want to file for bankrupcy. Debt Regret helped me settle four of by biggest debts for an average of 41% of what was owed. I was given great customer service by Bret Cotton, Krista Bolton, and Mark Leonard. I was given encouragement to keep on track and make sacrifices to get my debt paid off. The fee for their services is fifteen percent. Although I will be finished with their fee in just two months, they are going to still work with me until all my debts are settled. This tells me that although they are a business and need to make money, that they really want to help people get out of debt. I know that there people can settle debts with creditors on their own. I have even gotten settlement offers from creditors in the mail. I am not an expert at the debt settlement business, I don't know how to work through the system, contact the right people to get the best deal possible. Debt Regret has worked on my behalf since this is their business. If i needed legal help I would not defend myself in a court room. I would hire a lawyer. In the same respect people should not be expected to negotiate settlements on debts on their own, although some people feel they can, many people like me would not feel confident to do that. Although I feel confident in many other things, this is something that I need professional help with. I ask that you don't allow some business who may have taken advantage of people to prevent people like me from getting the help they really need. Sincerely Submitted, Craig Golde