"Protecting Consumers in Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration: A Roundtable Discussion" - August 5 and 6, 2009 #542930-00012

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Maryellen Reynolds
USA -- FTC Special Project P094806
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"Protecting Consumers in Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration: A Roundtable Discussion" - August 5 and 6, 2009
Yes our legal eagles angels law network advocates includes all licensed legal professionals without conflicts of interest, Reynolds-serves(medical disabled)Special Legal Project Director-Consultant./Mediator)Advocate for Justice: in our research and development and consulting with Bankrupt Court Judges/Lawyers research shows evidense against mandatory pre-dispute consumer arbitration not (fair and equal). State statue of limitations are undefined on credit card/loans. This needs to be regulated via Court(Adminstration of Justice). Family/Seniors/Licensed legal professionals: agree the round table discussion they will participate should focus on ie: credit cards/consumer loans/student loans/mortgage debt... Family Being a racism, consumer fraud, burial fraud/rape and gang violence victim(courts have monitored regulations unless we continue to seek and push our law enforcement along with our lawyers for monitoring)we would not have had justice. This is the same request for Judicial Regulation/Monitoring---consumer debt collection and arbitration. We appreciate respectful bankrupt court lawyers such as Attorney Maria Owens, Attorney C Parkman, Attorney Chang/Carlin, Attorney Kim/Partner(Consumer Protection) addressing and educating their clients according to moral character/ethics.and Professor Smith/Crane/Gergahty/Doyle and others for their educating and advocate services .... Judges are very respectful of their service as legal eagles angels! In conclusion: We communicated/consulted with several of our respectful legal eagles such as Attorney Wells, Standlie, Chang, Sussman regulations and request are in correlation with the current legislative programs of bar associations. Yes, many legal eagles(160,000)will participate in Ilinois annual legal conference along with this roundtable, and we all appreciate Attorney Berger/Tang and FTC Staff having conferences/seminars along with legal eagles educating and advocating justice and accommodations for the disabled.