"Protecting Consumers in Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration: A Roundtable Discussion" - August 5 and 6, 2009 #542930-00007

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Nolan Vassar
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"Protecting Consumers in Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration: A Roundtable Discussion" - August 5 and 6, 2009
I had 4 Arbitration cases with Mann Bracken, LLC(MB) debt collectors and the National Arbitration Forum(NAF) in the last year. The NAF does NOT follow it's own rules AND makes $$$ from Fradulent cases against consumers who do not know what to do! Here are my personel NAF case and BROKEN rules: 1. NOT delivered by certified/return/receipt mail as stated in RULE 6. Mine were sent FedEx-if not picked up thrown in trash after 14 days if not picked up package(stated by FedEx counter employee, when i asked what happenened if i did not pick up/sign for package. 2 NAF RULE 1=Both parties agreed to arbitrate=I DID NOT AGREE 3. Rule 21-selection of arbitrators-I was left out of process 4. Rule 24-NO party shall communicate directly with arbitrator==I DID ON 3 cases and showed it!! CASES were not DROPPED?? 5. Rule 29=Discovery-I COULD NO(NADA) discovery out of MB!! NAF only stated it hoped each party would cooperate on Discovery. 6. RULE 6=Request for documents==I HAD SEVERAL HUNDRED CONFIRMED FAXES to request documents, AND NEVER GOT THEM FROM MB!! 7. Rule 11-every claim,response,request, would be SIGNED by a part/representative of NAF===NEVER DONE 8. ***RULE 11(E)=provide PROOF of status(an assignee, a successor or legal representative to claim.****NEVER SHOWN BY MB. 9. RULE 13(2)=response to an objection to the arbitration of a claim(which i did no no avail)*****if no response(which i did not do),then IS AN AGREEMENT TO ARBITRATE!!! ***SO YOU HAVE NO CHOICE HERE AT ALL*** 10. RULE 23=DISQUALIFICATION OF ARBITRATOR RULE 23(A)CONFLICT OF INTEREST RULE 23(A)(3)==CONFLICT OF INTEREST FOR MONETARY GAIN TO RULE IN FAVOR OF PLANTIFF===YES, THIS WAS DONE BY ARBITRATORS(FIRST HAND/EX-LAWYERS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB, WHO EXPLAIN THEIR BEING RELEASED FOR NOT RULING IN FAVOR OF NAF. THIS IS NOTING MORE THAN A BIG PONZI SCHEME WHERBY THE LAW FIRM/JUNK DEBT BUYER MB FILE CASES WITH NAF FOR ALLLLLLL TO MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS(TENS OF MILLIONS) .MB BUYS JUNK DEBT FOR 5 TO 7 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR. THEY PAY ABOUT 50 BUCKS TO FILE NAF, GET 10% LEGAL FEES, NAF GETS ????, ARBITRATORS GET $250.00 FOR 10 CASES A DAY. WOW WHAT A MARK UP. FILE NAF AWARDS IN COURT AND GET JUDGEMENTS WHEN NOBODY SHOWS UP...