16 CFR Parts 317 and 318: Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rulemaking #542309-00024

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barry newton
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16 CFR Parts 317 and 318: Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rulemaking
I have been trying for over 1year to work with my lender to modify my home loan with no sucsess i have also tried a non profit organization only to have the loan sold to another servicer twice in the course of the year and see no results using naca the nonprfit organization who had told me the had contracts signed by citi mortgage my lender to receive fast results in turn citi has sold mortgage twice. i had to attend a four hour workshop 65 miles from my home to become a member of naca . For fear of losing my home and seeing no results utilizing the methods advetised by our goverment, news, and lenders I have decided to use a 3rd party loss mitigation company for a service fee. I have seen more results and have received better than expected service from the week I have been using the goverments recomened methods. I have had the best sleep in over a year since using a paid service. there are good companies out there and I have heard plenty of horror stories but I am very satisfied with what they have done for me thus far. I believe this goverment should not block the public from using 3rd party pay for services as they are not all bad. The company I am using offers free advice and is very ethical, has maid me feel comfortable and more importantly I am seeing more results in a week, than one year with nonprofits.