16 CFR Parts 317 and 318: Mortgage Acts and Practices Rulemaking #542308-00050

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Dennis Obduskey
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16 CFR Parts 317 and 318: Mortgage Acts and Practices Rulemaking
A more lengthy brief is attached to this comment along with supporting documentation. As a consumer who has experienced many difficulties with my mortgage lender, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, there are numerous concerns I have come to understand over the course of nearly a year. -- No consistent communication system, information a borrower may get from one representative is different than another. And there is a reluctance to put things in writing. -- Lack of a single point of contact with the lender. -- A need for the consumer to have access to information the lender has about the consumer -- in order to give at least the ability of getting shared information. In lieu of a consistent human to interact with, a consumer deserves to see the same data and read the same information that the lender representative sees and be able to provide feedback and ask questions in ONE PLACE. -- A need to quit -- requiring -- consumers working on loan modifications or other items, to contact the lender on a weekly basis to see if anything has been done. And subjecting the consumer to spend the first five minutes of every call answering the same questions about their name, their address, partial SSN, and other questions. This after being put on hold. -- Ability to receive documents with the name of a person sending them (all correspondence I have received -- including a formal offer of a modification which was subsequently botched by Wells Fargo) -- all unsigned and with no representative name. It has been amazing and after I initially thought this was an aberration, that changed, that changed when seeing this web site: http://www.ripoffreport.com/searchresults.asp?q5=wells+fargo+mortgage&,S... The site contains more than 1,300 comments related to the same company, many in home mortgages. Please see my attachments for additional information. I am happy to discuss any of these items with the FTC, or committees, and supply more documentation than I have attached. Thank you for the opportunity. I just learned of this comment period ending today and contacted your office -- to be advised that as long as it was sent by the 30th, it would be acceptable. This is the first time I have done anything like this -- and I cannot seem to format my comments as I might normally in a regular document. Just finishing after 9pm here in Colorado, I just received a call from a person claiming to represent Wells Fargo. I asked what department she was with and advised her it is against the law to make such calls after 9pm. I was hung up on.