16 CFR Parts 317 and 318: Mortgage Acts and Practices Rulemaking #542308-00008

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J Smith
Realtor & Lender in Texas
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16 CFR Parts 317 and 318: Mortgage Acts and Practices Rulemaking
I still believe an individually licensed professional is the answer. There are too many non-licensed people working for $10.00 an hour for an attorney, banking institution, mortgage banker or other structure where there is no direct responsibility to the home owner or knowledge on contracts to negotiate effectively. Organizations hire people, give them a script, record the conversations and charge more than a 'true' loan modification, refinance, a sell 'subject to' or create assumable contracts, so the public sector can easily move their finances as their life changes. Go back to assumable loans, take unlicensed individuals in a bank, or unlicensed individuals that work for mortgage bankers out of the picture, unless each individual in the industry is licensed and performs true due diligence for the party they represent. There are countless individuals stealing homes from homeowners that think they are doing the a favor by taking over their payments with a 'contract for deed'. Banks have REO property, why are they not selling REO property on the open market with NEW structured loans from the bank that are assumable, not FHA because the Bank is the owner - do individual 'owner financing' contracts that make sense for the owner which is now the bank. Take the YSP out of lending! That is your corruption. Use Steve Forbes' ideas on a 'flat tax' and convert that ideology to home loans. Flat loans, flat rates, based on score ranges & income. Not loans that have YSP and the more money you make is judged by how much you can take advantage of a buyer. FHA at 5% to the lender is great for the lender's income but that 5% is more than what is need by the consumer, that in itself shows the disparity on prioritizing the instruments of the transaction. The consumer moves in broke and the lender gets more than the borrower had to put down. Individually licensed professionals and regulators that truely regulate is the answer. Everytime I see a regulatory document and now the increasing fund to cut down on illegal activity, I laugh. Use Google and see how many scams and sharks are on the web. Take YSP out! But the lenders will never let their lobbist come back to them with the answer that Congress says no more YSP.