Health Breach Notification Rulemaking #541358-00059

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James Low
Low and Associates
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Health Breach Notification Rulemaking
The FTC estimates that there will be about eleven breaches of medical record security and privacy per year. These are only unauthorized breaches. Numerous parties will also be authorized to access your personal medical records. I DO NOT want to have my medical records included in this database. There WILL BE abuses of this system by insurance companies and others who will find a way to be able to obtain individual medical records without the knowledge of that individual. Hackers will have a field day once this system is put into place. One major concern is that individuals cannot opt out of having their medical records in the database. Another is the price tag: switching to electronic records will cost over $1 billion. Many medical experts feel the claim that the system will generate $80 billion in savings is wildly unsupported and that it may bring very few savings indeed. The privacy of my medical records is a VERY important issue for me, and you can be certain that nearly every citizen will feel the same way, even though only a tiny fraction of them will be commenting here. I want to let the FTC know that I want the ability to opt out of the system, and you can have no doubt that most other citizens DO NOT trust that computerizing their medical records will be a benefit as promised. You need to allow citizens to opt out of the system, EVEN IF their medical records have already been entered into a computerized system. This medical records database will be an enormously expensive boondoggle that will not save anywhere nearly the promised $80 billion. It will open the door to abuses on an unprecedented scale, including the loss of medical privacy, and present an irresistible target for hackers. You CANNOT promise that the medical records of individuals will not be stolen or compromised. The system WILL be hacked, period! It will occur on a repeating basis, in spite of efforts to prevent it. I want to make protections as comprehensive as possible for the system, but I have NO confidence that it will work properly. Please stop this poorly conceived system, or AT LEAST allow individual the right to opt out of the system at their request, made at any time.