Health Breach Notification Rulemaking #541358-00048

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Cris Serich
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Health Breach Notification Rulemaking
First of all everyone SHOULD have the right to OPT OUT of this insecure unrealistic expensive fantasy. Electronic records are even easier to complete storage system failure!!! Cheaper, oh really, HOW? One thing government has no clue about and that is what Information Technology really does cost. Someone has to constantly maintain/support/upgrade all of these IT systems. These systems ain't cheap, my friends. As for electronic records fixing anything...PROVE IT TO ME! I am an IT professional and I frankly don't see the correlation. I have worked with far too many self-seeking unethical IT professionals who I know wouldn't think twice about accessing whatever information they want and do whatever with it, because they do it everyday right now. Where I work, an administrative assistant who had access to the site's payroll (EVERYONE'S social security #'s) williningly handed all of that information over to an IT contractor! Why, no one will ever know. She did also have a brief personal relationship with this guy too. The contractor got fired when his company found out about his actions, however NOTHING was done with her. She SHOULD have been fired for this unethical action too, regardless of number of years of service time. We found later that this contractor had a long history of unappropriately collecting employees information for his own benefit...he has a long history of getting fired for the same reason. I can see plenty of opportunities for TOO MANY people to secretly access our medical information anywhere and at any point without any level of accountability or punishment at ALL LEVELS. There are far MANY more breaches than what are OFFICIALLY reported, GET REAL. You are kidding yourselves to think otherwise. Not to mention that there aren't enough ethical IT professionals to constantly watch the security of all of this data 7/24, from insiders let alone all of the online hackers out there just waiting at the feeding trough. My own personal encounters exercising my own HIPAA rights in the recent past has been a total nightmare. For all the electronic recording keeping that was supposedly already happening, I've had my records lost now FOUR times! Then I had to threaten to sue to a former dental office in order to simply obtain a copy of my own dental records so that I could go to another dental office. If I want a copy of my own records, I have to go through numerous hassles and still may need to get a lawyer involved. Something is clearly wrong with HIPAA when medical offices think they can get away with these UNLAWFUL shennigans. They know some folks will be afraid to fight them and give up. I WILL NOT AND I WILL TELL OTHERS OF MY ENCOUNTERS WITH THESE PARTICULAR BUSINESSES TOO. The first thing one needs to start asking is, exactly WHAT are they trying to hide from me, the patient??? What did they do that they recorded and don't want either me or another medical professional to see??? If I have to obtain a lawyer in order to just get a copy of my own medical records or those my own children, I'll be suing for reimbursement ALL of those fees and ALL of my time spent too. It never ceases to amaze me the number of bottomless EXCUSES to avoid simple lawful requests by patients. Including the DELIBERATE deletion of electronic records. Frankly their malpractice insurances should be sky high, if this is their standard mode of operation. These shennigans definitely indicate that they can't be trusted. You can call me paranoid all you want. I witness this VERY REAL CRAP going on everyday because nothing is done with people who willfully violate others privacy. They do it right in front of your face and know that management will just ignore their actions. It is this type of mentality that is quickly running our nation into the ground too. The old line from the totally cluesless... Trust us, we know what's best for you... is TOTAL CRAP FOR THE BIRDS too.