Health Breach Notification Rulemaking #541358-00039

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Mary MacMaster
Initiative Name:
Health Breach Notification Rulemaking
I am very concerned that the FTC estimates that there will be about eleven breaches of medical record security and privacy per year. These are only unauthorized breaches. Numerous parties will also be authorized to access your personal medical records. I very much support a proposed rule that would require consumer notification when and if the security of our electronic health information is breached. I have great concern that individuals cannot opt out of having their medical records in a government database. Let alone the price tag to switch to an electronic data base is well over $1 billion. There are many physicians already questioning the service that an electronic data base would provide or benefit the public at large. My biggest concern is our privacy rights and all the vendors that will be involved, which could lead to added abuse of the individuals right to privacy. There is already too much Big Brother government involved in just about every nuance of our lives.