Health Breach Notification Rulemaking #541358-00017

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Mary A Blair
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Health Breach Notification Rulemaking
I don't believe having everyone's medical records in one place is safe nor necessary. It's Invasion of Privacy and in the end the Insurance companies will get hold of them and redo all insurances to Exclude anyone having a problem. Espcially anyone having a DNA test or personal tests done. Plus there is no concrete evidence of how much money will be saved many sat and think very little from what I have read. I think no one's records will be safe as it would cost Millions to do what is being suggested and the monies spent on this should be diverted to something that will actually help the public.. Even the Pentagon and other Government Offices files have been broken into on more than one occassion. Again nothing is really secure. I think this is a Scam and folly for others to get rich and benifit from peoples personal records. I for one plus others I know donot want this to pass and should be disreguarded and never brought up again. Hopefully this Bill will be disreguarded and people will have one less worry that they are being Invaded and betrayed by so called "Big Brother trying to run their Lives Syndrom"