Fuel Economy Guide Review #541056-00001

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american citizen
american citizens
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Fuel Economy Guide Review
this agency has allowed the automobile mfr profiteers to lie for years about how many miles you get on a gallon of gas. the lies have gone on and made suckers of the us public. that shows corruption in the agency that they cant truly protect the american public, but work for the lying car mfrs who have lied on how many gallons you get on a gallon of gas. it is time for a new transparency. have the employees at this agency heard that yet. that means we want honesty and protection from our agencies, not for them to be bribed so they work for profiteers instead of for the citizens of the united states. ftc has certainly been as guilty as the car mfrs for letting this crap continue. we want honesty in our federal agencies, not lying corrupt skanky criminals.