Public Hearings Concerning the Evolving Intellectual Property Marketplace #540872-00001

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Barbara Craig
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Public Hearings Concerning the Evolving Intellectual Property Marketplace
I am writting about the freedom of religion. A church can't be a business copyright their scriptures. No religion but one does that and that is Church of Scientology. The are known to be copyright terrorists. Since the church is said to be altering the scriptures many have left to practice on their own. It is called the freezone. Many have to hide from the church to practice their religion. Since the USA is based on freedom of religion this is not correct to be in existence. I would like you to allow all religious works to be copyright free. I am out of the church and work with the freezone and i would like to be free to learn there as well with the books that are now copyrighted like a business. I also have an idea as an artist as well. I think there should be a shorter time on copy rights so that new ideas can be created and not the same old one sold over and over. I am not saying not much time. I would say 10 to 15 years is enough. I don't have all the answers but how it is now is not correct. Movies such as Star Trek of course would have more time to be covered by copyright. Only the creator of the work should be the copyright owner and or family of the creator if he dies. I hope this is worked out so new creations come to be and religious freedom is upheld. Barbara