Whole Foods Market, Inc., Docket No. 9324, Proposed Consent Agreement #540710-00009

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Jim Franck
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Whole Foods Market, Inc., Docket No. 9324, Proposed Consent Agreement
I regularly shop at the Whole Foods in Salt Lake City that you have ruled needs to be sold. I also shopped there when it was Wild Oats. The quality of the store has gone up markedly since WF acquired the store, especially the produce, fresh meats and overall customer service. Now I am looking around to find an alternative source of organic produce and other organic goods in the area. Guess what- there really isn't any. So maybe your decision makes sense? They must have forced out all competitors. Then began a several week search of my memory as to what competitors they may have forced out. Guess what- can't think of any. Of course, the mega stores Target and Wal Mart etc are getting more and more organics daily as their popularity has become mainstream. But check out the quality. It is simply not there. But maybe their contributions to the political system far outways a Whole Foods? Maybe that is the key! This is rambling because I cannot on earth understand why it makes sense to sell this store. I pray that you reverse this ruling. I am sure not because of this communication but simply that it is the right thing to do. If not I pray that in these economic times nobody steps forward to buy it. Maybe nobody can afford it. Of course maybe the Super Target down the street might buy it to have an empty competitor and subsequently raise their organic prices for me. What a deal!