FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle #539814-00855

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Anonymous Abal
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FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle

Let me first say, the company EA (electronic arts) have the most poor market strategies and should be banned from ever publishing any type of media. For using such horrendous forms of DRM and never learning that all they do is destroy the PC game market by using the most intrusive versions of securom and discourage the use of PC as a gaming platform. Now my disdain has been showed, let me say that any copy protection that limits the consumer to how many times you can use/install media, making you require a constant internet connection for when trying to use media, and stopping you from being able to refund the game or sell media, should be made illegal to use. Not to mention that all forms of DRM do NOT prevent any kind of piracy or cause any delay. Further more added, any pirated version of a video game for instance, will be ready to download off the internet with no restrictions, meaning people who illegally get the media are getting the better product. This is disgusting to me, as a person who purchased the media, to find that I am getting the a product with so many restrictions, when people who steal it for free, get the superior version. Publishers say they use such enforcing DRM because of the piracy problem for the PC game market. Before securom was first put into use, piracy for the PC game market was not problem as there was a minor amount of people pirating, but after games like 'Mass Effect' or 'Spore', it certainly made piracy a bigger problem then before. 'Spore' alone was pirated over 500,000 times the first week of release, why you may ask? I mean, no other games PC games had such drastic piracy. Turns out no one wanted the foul, intrusive restrictions on their computers. Granted, if EA had used simple copy protection, like a disk check for example, they would have never had this problem in the first place. People were purposely going against EA by pirating it because they were sickened by their form of DRM. If you find this to be bizarre and untrue, then check the mass amazon 1 star reviews of the game 'Spore', over 3000 reviews complaining about the restrictive DRM and encouraging others not to purchase the game. Get rid of securom permanently, make it so no copy protection like this will ever be made again with limited installations, constant requirement of an internet connection and the inability of being able to refund a game, consumers shouldn't be treated like criminals.