FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle #539814-00564

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Jean-Sebastien Gauthier
Outside the United States
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FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle
I think DRMs aren't a good way to prevent piracy and copyrights infrigments. Right now the thing they do the most is pissing off legit customers that are honest and like to encourage the industry. When I buy a computer game for instance, I don't feel like dealing with online accounts and online activations. Even worse than that, why can't I install my game on as many computers as I want? Sometimes they give like 3 installs. What if I have already 2 computers at home? Both can break, I can change OS, there's many reasons why I may need more than 3 installs. After that you might want to go in vacation and install the game on your portable. Or again you go at the mother in law place for a week and install your game for the week you're there. (Because let's face it, how can you survive being at your mother in law's place for a week without chilling out on games?) To reduce piracy you need convenience. That's not what DRM are bringing. They are only complicating everything for no valuable reasons. What was the game that was the most pirated in 2007? Spores. It was also the one with some of the most draconian DRM measures out there. It actually shows that fighting piracy with DRM = fighting with swords underwater. When I buy a game I should be able to install it whenever I want. If I don't pay for the internet I should be able to play from the get go if the game isn't an online multiplayer game only. If that simple convenience logic can't be achieved then have laws that makes people understand that they aren't really buying what they buying. Educate people into realising they basically rent the rights to use the game because we don't "own" them anymore. If the internet is absolutely needed in anyways there should also be a huge and clear warning on the box. This would prevent me for mistakenly buy products I don't believe in (like the ones using DRMs. Same goes for music. The music industry is crying at the internet and their music being copied. They fear CDs will die and such things. Now explain me why most CDs stores don't have an online purshasing system? Why when I log on the website of the warner group I can't buy their physical goods but online? For them to make money again they don't need to create draconian measures like DRM, they need to get more convenient. They need to EMBRACE the internet in order to control it better. They should ALL have online stores where you can chose to buy music physically or digitally. They would make a TRUCKLOAD of money instead of trying to save their soon archaic system of retail stores only. More convenience = I will buy more. If the experience is complicated for no valuable reasons I will cherry pick my experiences. tks for reading. :)