FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle #539814-00479

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Nathaniel Cooper
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FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle
DRM (Digital Rights Media) is designed to protect the Company but NOT the consumer. Many laws and such pass with more company protection than the consumer and in these days of recession there needs to be more consumer protection to increase buyers confidence that they won't get screwed. Many disagree with DRM including myself because it empowers the company to not just find ways to fight piracy but ensure that consumers are buying and ONLY buying from them even after all money is invested. DRM encourages bad distribution of media. Some digital media can only be accessed on a single device (ex:Ipod products). This means that I can't buy the song "Buy you a Drink" from T-Pain on ipod music store and play that same song on another MP3 player when people who buy the whole CD with other songs can play THAT CD on any device that has a music CD player. It sounds fesable when the media owned and CREATED by Apple Ipods but if the product belongs to the artist, then if I legally buy that song I should be able to play it anywhere. I am not saying piracy should not be dealt with, I just feel it should be delt with directly and harsher. The restrictions they put on bought media should not punish consumers who honestly bought a song or other media only to be limited on how they should access it. It may be digital but it's still owned to that person. Other comapnies are using taticts such as putting a time limit on media, specifically current PC games that are downloaded and if the consumer should decided to erase that file for any reason, if they don't redownload the software by a certain time, they need to repurchase the media or pay a fee. But why should consumers repay for something already bought? The cost advantage is at their convenience, not ours. It was said that when we wanted to protect our hard copies of software, all we had to do was make a copy. But DRM has allowed software companies to make it difficult to make a copy. Law allows us to make copies so as long as it's for our own use and computer but we are losing that right because of DRM which lets companies put a restriction to copying media, this includes digital which is unfair. The United States should be aware of the industries continues to push for all things digital, this goes for movies, games, music etc. It's a big deal since companies won't have to pay for packaging and cost to develop the hard product, but if they are allowed to control their media like they do today with DRM, Consumers will never truly feel like they "own" the product just like a CD or Movie. DRM should be abolished or at least revised to empower the consumer instead of the Company who sells the product to give consumers a sense of ownership with their products and that no company under any circumstance should restrict, reframe or holdbank a consumer from using that media on any other similar device or service of similar/exact design. Once that person buys that media, he/she owns it for LIFE. This is the way it should be. Oh you don't have to hold this stuff confidential, just my name an address I want protected. Thank you.