FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle #539814-00476

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Ronnie Perez
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FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle
(I would have left more contact info but I do not know how it will be used or how accessible it will be to others) The DRM used in many video games today via securom and its limited installing / use is unfair to consumers in that it will only allow you to install a product you have purchased anywhere from 1 to 3 times. In some cases during the install process you will lose all 3 due to ether design (by error or intentional) or any number of errors. There are a few of these video games that I had purchased and after changing faulty hardware in my computer, the product will no longer work. Trying to contact the publisher / Developer of the game software will give ether 1 of 4 results. A.) They will tell you that you have to purchase another copy. B.) No response at all as they will ether keep you on hold (by phone) for numbers of hours until you hangup or are disconnected. C.) Email them and have auto matted responses or in some cases a response from tech support saying that you need to contact Securom of which also the same responses are given. D.) They will grant you 1 extra install of which hardly ever happens. think of this as when you buy a car and having it services or an oil change and the car manufacturer tells you, sorry but you need to buy a new car now as you no longer have the rights to use what you purchased from us. The video game industry uses this DRM to strangle hold the consumer into repeat buying of the same video game over and over again. There have even been some cases where EA Games has taken to disabling a product on any customer that talks about DRM or there products and DRM on there discussion forums (this news is well documented all over the web) which will in turn disable all games from EA that use the DRM and there login service. The various game developers who use this DRM By Securom (Sony / Securom / Root kit) claim it is to offset piracy of which they know it has no effect as software pirates are using there software DRM free from the day it released to the general public. So if I wanted to use one of the products I had purchased from them that no longer functions I can ether do one of two things A.) Buy it from them again which was by original design the reason they did this. or B.) Download a small executable that will bypass the DRM so that I can use the product I purchased from them. The intentions of this DRM are only partly designed to stop the common theft of the product. The main design of this DRM thus far has only been to cause paying customers to buy the same product over again. In most cases they do not even tell you on the packaging that you will only be able to install (if the install works properly of which in most cases it does not) this product only 1 or 3 times. The use of this DRM is criminal at its best and at its worst is Down right theft to paying customers.