FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle #539814-00147

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Isaac Rangel
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FTC Town Hall to Address Digital Rights Management Technologies - Event Takes Place Wednesday, March 25, 2009, in Seattle
broken down non tech English its simple.. DRM is a serious issue, not being able to install on multiple machines, also not being able to play the game YET its fully installed in the computer. look at it as having to use your original install disk for every single program on your computer from word perfect, Photoshop, ect. since they added the DRM restrictions i cant play my game on multiple systems say my lab top or home computer due to there limited install. Than after having a system error which happens to every computer late or early out of the box, get denied the ability to install also have to go threw customer service and explain what happened? for them to allow me to install the item, even tho i have purchased it. I treat my computers very well and have little to no errors. but they happen. sometimes having to reformat my computer due to a issue. Even the best Virus protection isnt 100% and sometimes there are compatibility errors per software/hardware in each computer. why should it matter if i want my dad to play the SIM 2, a simulation game on his computer if i bought the item? we can share cars, pens, video games on home systems but not DRM computer games. Most the times it encourages the borrower to buy the game/software. My Sims games a prime example. when they introduced DRM on an expansion pack various computers couldn't read its own disk saying "please insert the game" yet it was. DRM tells the computer if someones trying to copy a disk but end up messing up optical drives and staying in the system almost like a virus. If you were to research DRM anywhere they will break down the process better. how its pretty mush a hidden Virus that is very hard to remove even after deleting the original game that its 'monitoring'. DRM does very little to combat piracy and puts a strain on the consumer. limiting installs, driver errors, having to deal with customer service to prove to them your not using it for other reasons, limiting sharing ect. If i mass produce the product to sell on EBAY, than its a issue. if i let my 18 year old brother borrow it, than its sharing, He is my brother. No different than sharing a book or letting him drive my car.