Emerging Health Care Competition and Consumer Issues #537778-00049

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Emerging Health Care Competition and Consumer Issues
Ref Project P083901 Please see the attached responses to the FTC questions. These draw on the paper we published in October 2008 (Chauhan et al 2008). A pdf of the full paper is also available to be downloaded at http://www.ohe.org or can be obtained by sending an email request to cdevaney@ohe.org. Our research covered ground that addresses questions 1 and 2 in section A and accordingly we have only responded to these questions. I listened with interest to the Workshop via the web link where issues relating to these two sets of questions were raised. The Office of Health Economics (OHE) is a London based research and consulting organisation. It provides independent research, advisory and consultancy services on policy implications and economic issues within the pharmaceutical, health care and biotechnology sectors. OHE’s research is supported by an annual grant from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. The quality and independence of its research is safeguarded through our Policy Board and Editorial Board. More details about OHE are available on its web site www.ohe.org Adrian Towse atowse@ohe.org