Regulatory Review of the Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule - Used Car Rule #536945-00012

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Rebecca Hillig
Hillig Auto Center
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Regulatory Review of the Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule - Used Car Rule
In the economic times we are in ????????? there are some significant changes (I feel) that need to be made to the Used Car Rule. Or it should be abolished all together. As the rules stands right now ????????? there is no coverage for persons buying cars from private parties ????????? or no coverage for the dealers trading in vehicles. These are all sales transactions ????????? that could be involving the same vehicle ????????? but it is not treated the same. A used car dealer is required to put a warranty on 14 key points on a vehicle that they neither manufactured, drove or had the chance to maintain. I believe that if the consumer had to be more responsible for their vehicle ????????? this rule would not even need to be in place. There needs to be some incentive for consumers to change their oil as the manufacture recommends and to do the required maintenance the vehicle needs. Many times the oil has not been changed since the vehicle was new ????????? or once or twice. By allowing the consumer not to be responsible for their actions to this point. They are being rewarded to mis-treat their vehicle. Now this consumer goes to trade in their vehicle ????????? knowing full well that the transmission or engine is going to need to be repaired in a short time. Many times there is no warning ????????? so no matter how well the dealership looks over the vehicle when they go to trade it in ????????? there is a chance of the dealership having to repair this vehicle after the sale. Most vehicles give the dealer a profit of $500 to (if you are lucky) $1,500. I do not know of many transmissions or engines you can buy and replace for $500 to $1,500. At this point the dealer is going to lose money. Automotive dealers cannot keep paying for these repairs. If you want to continue with this Rule ????????? please consider reworking this to make it easier for everyone to continue to make money. Either make it a requirement that all vehicles must be inspected or have proof of maintenance. If the Rule is going to stay in place ????????? expand it to cover the transaction from the consumer to the dealer.