Regulatory Review of the Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule - Used Car Rule #536945-00002

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Regulatory Review of the Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule - Used Car Rule
My husband and I are currently in the middle of a dispute with a car dealer. One of the issues has to do with the Buyer's Guide. There wasn't one on the vehicle (used), nor were we given a copy at the time of sale. The dealer is claiming it did not matter. We believe it did. Please do not change this rule except to possibly require additional information. We were sold a car that was advertised to be a non-auctioned, one owner vehicle but the dealer is claiming the ad does not matter as 95% of their inventory does match the ad. There seems to be a practice now of 'lemon laundering' vehicles through auctions. I firmly believe the BG should include whether a vehicle has been through auction and where a consumer may get a vehicle history report. I wish the history was required to be prominently posted as well because there seems to be a HUGE problem of 'if they don't ask, don't tell' or 'if we don't make any effort to know, we can deny defects or history at time of sale'. Cars can be shifted to different locations with known problems and those problems not be passed on so the current seller then has 'plausible deniability'. We were also told they didn't even have to make sure it the car met minumum safety standards (while advertising it as 'well-maintained') before allowing people to test drive it. ('How would we know anything was wrong if none of us test drove it? We can buy cars from any source we want and not even look at the tires and put it up for sale.' --paraphrase) Dealers want maximum profits with no responsibility and use too many loopholes to put the consumer at risk.