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Gregory Hughes
Western Division Federal Credit Union
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Request For Comments
I would like to particiapte not only as a consumer but also from an industry perspective as well. I have been the Teller Supervisor/Compliance Coordinator for Western Division Federal Credit Union for almost the past four years. One of my responsibilities at the credit union is to communicate fraud alerts, scams, etc. and to ensure staff is effectively trained in this area. I have written our credit union's response to security breaches and recently developed our Identity Theft Program as required by NCUA. It is this experience as an industry insider that I believe would offer some perspective to the survey. Prior to my career at Western Division I was the victim of identity theft. Upon having an employee account opened for me at the credit union,(I previously was employed at First Niagara Bank, where I had my bank accounts) I learned of some NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) activity that had been reported to Chexsystems under my social security by a bank in Baltimore, Maryland. I recall just over $800.00 of reported NSF activity at this financial institution. The embarressment and confusion that I felt could not be explained. I was able to clear my name and the record of this activity, but not without some diligence on my end. I have since applied a fraud alert on my credit report to the three bureaus, and have received some positive results in my consumer life. I feel that I have personal/professional experiences that I would like to share with the surevy/study and take a professional lead to combat this detrimental crime. Thank you and I really am looking forward to hearing from you. Greg