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David Fountain
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Request For Comments
I am a victim of Identity Theft facilitated by a major bank who I once held a mortgage through.This bank sent my mortgage interest statement to another David M. Fountain of Michigan in 2001.Mr. Fountain of Michigan called us to inform me that he had this impotaint document and that he was mailing it back to us.We contacted the bank and confirmed address. We recieved our mortgage interest statement from David of Michigan and note that my SS# was on this sensitive document. This was back in 2001.November 2007,day after Thanksgiving,I recieved a phone call from a Collections agency stating that I owed $9111.18 from an account. I denied of course, hung up and this individual called back and was extremely rude and forcefull.After taking note that this account was opened and the collector told me my SS# and my wife's SS# and our proffessions, we took notice and thought, this is serious and there is something wrong. Immediatley we contacted our present bank and the police. Our bank initially directed us in the right direction.My wife phoned the collections agency and asked questions and the end result we found out the account was for a Menards in Michigan and Mr.David Fountain was the account holder.The collector was the individual who put it together,the Michigan address and the name.We then put it together,it was the person out in Michigan,he used my SS# to obtain credit and the defaulted on it.He used my SS# from the mortgage interest statement to gain credit.I contacted the former bank JP Morgan and they were no help at all.I contacted the FTC, placed Alerts on our credit reports and waited for the reports to come in.I contacted the Attorney General's Office contacted IT911,contacted FTC, I contacted everyone I was suppose to.There were numerous contacts.I went to FREECREDITREPORT. COM I noted the account information was incorrect, I immediatley filed a discrepancy and waited for the results. I contacted the Wyoming Michigan Police Department, Fraud division and ended up with an arrest, (after many weeks)however,the credit agency that issued the initial credit was non-compliant with the Law.This credit agency was negligent in providing information in a respectful mannor and was negligent in providing the Fraud department expediently with the documentation that it requested through a court order.When Mr. David Fountain of Michigan knew we were on his tail,he phoned our home and pleaded with my wife that he was innocent and that he was going to take care of this, this was his mess and the banks had screwed up. He requested my cell phone number, and my wife did not give it to him, he wrote a letter to me and suppopsedly Arrow Financial which is the other collections agency, there are 3. He pleaded his innocents to me in his letter and the Arrow Financial letter, claimed to them that this was his debt, not mine and to leave me alone.Come to find out, Arrow Financial NEVER recieved such a letter.This was his ploy to throw me off. He was later arrested and in his wallet was a piece of paper with my SS# written on it. I obtained the ORIGINAL application to Menards in Michigan and on it was hand written, my SS# in the boxes.He was arraigned and is serving 3 years probation and ordered to pay restitution to Menards. We recieved the 3 credit reports and it was a nighmare. A case of Mixed files, all his bad credit was on my credit reports, forclosures, repo's and bankruptsies. I filed reports and affidavits to the creditors and needed to clear this up on my own. After 500 hours later,my credit reports were cleared. My wife and I did this on our own with little to NO help from the people who facilitated this fraudulent behavior.It's now July, and I am still getting harrassing phone calls for this fraudsters debt and I had to once again send the proper documentation to these companies to stop the harrassing phone calls.This is the most horrifying,stressfull situation that I have ever been in and it's not over because we still get calls