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Eric Drew
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Consumer Experiences with CRAs
I had my identity stolen by a hospital worker while fighting for my life in a cancer facility. I was able to catch this thief and force the first and only federal prosecution of its kind under HIPAA (the patient privacy act). However this was only the beginning of my nightmare. After the criminal was prosecuted, the banks and CRAs continued to report fraudulent information on my credit reports for over two years, violating the FCRA, FACTA etc. Information pertaining to the criminal is still associated with my records over 4 years later. One of the main problems is that much of the terminology in the FCRA and other statutes is vague and left to the CRAs and credit issuing banks to define, and they do so in terms that benefit them but are severely detrimental to the American consumer. The refusal of the banks' and CRAs to actually "investigate" the the obvios fraud items on my report after they had actually supplied info to the FBI for the prosecution in my case, caused me to be rejected for 2 mortages and put me through years of frustration. I am now involved in a legal action in San Francisco Federal Court to force change in the credit industry. I have already forced one CRA to agree on demands regarding the responding to and the cleaning up of identity theft attacks and the devastating fraudulent information it leaves on consumers' credit reports. I have also succeded in creating a neew category of consumer called a "Medically incapacitated Consumer" which should be considered when establishing new industry guidelines for responding to an identity theft victim. I highly recommed that these changes be legislated into law I have multiple suggestions for changes in the credit industry that would help prevent millions of victims from having their lives turned upside down like mine was. Please feel free to contact me for further information and testimony. I support this survey fully and offer my assistance in any way possible. I have presented as a speaker about my fight to change the credit industry for the US Attorney's Office, large conferences, multiple financial institutions, and on appearances on numerous national TV and radio shows including CNN, NPR, Dateline NBC, Montel, NBC, ABC, and Fox News etc. I am also a member of the FBI Infragard civilian network. Please fell free to contact me at anytime for more information. Eric Drew