Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims #536013-00031

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Kevin Myette
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Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims
Comments from REI on: Green Building and Textiles Workshop?Comment, Project No. P084203?? 1) Textiles of all types may/should be considered for ?green? claims regardless of their specific origin?for example some recycled polymers (e.g., petroleum or starch based) could also be able to be characterized as green if, in fact, their impact is shown to be significantly less than virgin 2) Be careful of over generalizing materials as ?green? because of their rapidly renewable nature ignoring the processing which may NOT be environmentally considerate. Bamboo is the poster child for this and Rayon is the ultimate material, not Bamboo. The processing is so harsh. 3) Be mindful that agriculture can have a significant impact on the environment and that just because something can be grown, called natural or renewable, it does not take fully into account that the growing process can be very harmful to water and soil? not to mention very demanding on water use/needs. Just because it can be grown doesn?t make it green. 4) Be considerate of all appropriate means to establish best practices for managing, measuring and reporting the Environmental, Health and Safety and not just the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Third party certification is critical, but also ones that are more inclusive?particularly of synthetic textiles. The best of breed in this class is the bluesign standard and rules should not developed to preclude its use. Thank you for consideration on these points. Sincerely, Kevin Myette Director, Product Integrity REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) Sumner, WA