Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims #536013-00008

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Elinor Averyt
LEAF Certifications
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Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims
Greetings! This letter is being written to inform the FTC, apparel industry and consumer marketplace of an upcoming eco-labeling system being created to serve the US apparel industry (designers, brands and manufacturers headquartered in the United States) and consumer marketplace. This new labeling system seeks to eliminate consumer confusion concerning green marketing claims in the apparel industry by presenting one, unifying eco-label to the consumer marketplace. The L.E.A.F. (Labeling Ecologically Approved Fabrics) labeling program acknowledges the most stringent third-party certification programs in place for the apparel industry that have created robust environmental and SR (Social Responsibility) standards for various aspects of the life cycle of the apparel product. The L.E.A.F. label then transmits complex life cycle achievements to the consumer in an easy-to-understand and identifiable format. Please visit to learn more about this upcoming, administrative eco-labeling organization. Thanks so much! Elinor Averyt Executive Director LEAF Certifications Santa Monica, CA 90405