Pay on the Go: Consumers and Contactless Payment (Town Hall Meeting) #535926-00010

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Walt Augustinowicz
Identity Stronghold LLC
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Pay on the Go: Consumers and Contactless Payment (Town Hall Meeting)
I have found it easy to buy contactless credit card readers online. With these readers I can easily read the cardholder name, account number, and expiration date from my contactless credit card through my wallet while still in my pants pocket. I wanted to let you know of a product Identity Stronghold has available that is very relevant to the issues brought up at the town hall. We are shipping lots of Secure Sleeves? for Payment and ID cards to card holders that receive Contactless Credit and Debit cards and don?t feel safe with them. When a contactless credit card is placed inside our Secure Sleeve the contactless chip is shielded and cannot be accessed until it is removed from the sleeve when using your card to pay. The US Department of State has ordered millions of these sleeves from us to protect the new US Passport Card as well and the product is also on the approved products list for use to protect your new HSPD-12 PIV employee ID cards that you will be receiving within the next year. I have talked to card issuers and people at MC and Visa about providing these when they ship cards to customers (like Dept of State does) but they have told me they feel it would scare the customer away from using the cards. In the millions quantities they are shipping this would very inexpensive per card depending on the artwork they want on the sleeve and whether they want it mounted on a carrier . If you find this information relevant I would be happy to send you some samples so you can see what is available in the market today.