Prohibitions On Market Manipulation and False Information in Subtitle B of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 #535819-00101

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Manuel Chavez
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Prohibitions On Market Manipulation and False Information in Subtitle B of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Greetings, I am a simple unemployed carpenter. I have watched the price of everything related to oil climb at a rate that my high school education cannot understand or justify. The price of gasoline has climbed $1.00 per gallon since February here in Albuquerque. Normally that takes several years to a decade to occur. That means in my simple analysis that someone or some group of exceedingly greedy and wicked people are manipulating prices for financial gain. I mean, that's not really that much of a stretch, right? If OPEC were doing this then I suggest we raise the price of our agricultural commodities accordingly and see if they can eat oil or sand. When the hell are you people in power going to quit  around and MAKE AMERICAN TRADE FIRST!!!!!! The hell with China or Europe, we need our manufacturing base back and only YOU the FTC can reverse the nightmare enveloping our Future. I see a few shadowy corporations and enemies of America making a profit that is ridiculous to the extreme. I cannot beleive what I am seeing, surely you grew up in the 60's and 70,s too, look at what the Hell is happening to our jobs. The illegals have ruined my trade beyond repair. I want a job I can keep for 15 years, that should be the top priority of the FTC when considering trade agreements with other countries. I could care less if they ride a camel to work, my Life here in America is a gift from the brave men and women who fought in WWII. They most assuredly did NOT want the FTC to give China such an unfair trade advantage. Why the  do you let China roll over us?? WHY???? I write a young Chinese lady, their government tells them that China is the only obstacle in the way to World Domination by America!!!! And the FTC still turns a blind eye to the repulsive trade imbalance from a country that keeps it's currency artificially low and hurts millions of Americans with no good jobs. Is there anyone there with a spine?? NAFTA is a  joke for all Americans. Someone there please get ugly and tell the rest of the world to go screw themselves and return America to a post 50's boom town. The FTC could start taxing many foreign goods like their counterparts do without hesitation. American made, why the hell would it be made anywhere else??? Make it here, let them buy our superior product. Oil and gasoline are in the hands of people with no conscience, no heart. How many billions is enough, does the billion dollar gas rip off continue unabated?? The US Government brings World Peace, maybe the World should start paying or we do less to that end. I ask the FTC to find the people behind this injustice to American society and publish their names and addresses. They are so quick to steal money from us by creating an atmosphere of fear, why not let us see who they are, domestic or foreign. I believe that alone, disclosure of identity and address would send oil to $80.00 a barrel. The FTC can and should identify the people behind this speculation, let them show their faces. Then the public can deal with them. Why more money is not required to buy a future is the FTC's dirty little secret. Finally we are asking the Federal Government for more involvement, you would think you would be jumping for joy. Identify the money behind the appalling rise in fuel and you will be America's Heroes, think about it. This is the FTC's chance to make believers of us all in the United States of America. You could overnight become the star of the nation. I ask that you expose the evil criminals behind the oil spikes and let the public deal with them. Make America #1 again, we are the legacy of those who wanted it that way.