Prohibitions On Market Manipulation and False Information in Subtitle B of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 #535819-00068

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James Persinger
single Disabled,Fixed income, 2 kids
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Prohibitions On Market Manipulation and False Information in Subtitle B of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
You elected Officials need to get back in touch with us little people,First Im Disabled 100% due to an injury,I am divorced with two minor children ,i am trying my best to raise on a SSI income that stays the same pretty much ,but gasoline and everything manufactured,trucked etc has shot up in price to keep up with costs involved with the rising price of fuel,I used to be able to feed my family,cloth them and still have gas money to drive them to school ,Now with the increase in electric bills,gasoline for my truck,food costs rising dramatically I am no longer able to survive on my Limited social security disability,my ex wife gets away with not paying her child support ,while if the shoe was on the other foot id be in jail for not paying for a year or more,People on social security old,disabled etc need an immediate raise in there checks to keep up with expenses you have allowed to get out of hand,Why is it that when President bush has asked our friends the Saudis,whom we assisted when Kuwait was over run by Iraq,and saddams troops were massing on the Saudis borders to over run them we defended them ,only for them now to turn there backs on us and thumb there noses when we need help,We supply them with the latest arms to defend themselves ,we give and give and what do they give us ,A plane load of almost all Saudi citizens who fly into the world trade centers and kill a bunch of us ,after another Saudi bunch tried to blow them up earlier,So we tried to put a stop to that by invading Iraq,and running the iraqis out of Kuwait ,So since they failed in there attempts to bring this nation to its knees thru terrorism,by destroying the world trade centers and destroying our economic structure of our country,they are going about it in another way,Limiting the production of oil thru there brotherhood of countrys in opec,They know they can destroy any country in this world dependent on oil ,by just slowing production or keeping production at the same levels as asia and other parts of the world grow rapidly and consume more and more of the worlds oil supply,so by limiting it and drying up the supply they get rich faster and create world wide shortages ,Had we sat on our thumbs and said oh well when Iraq invaded kuwait and was on there borders ,they would be singing a different tune to the worlds oil needs ,instead of trying to throw the world economy into a depression while selfishly hoarding all the money and oil they can,Next time we have to defend them lets get some agreements that will protect our economy thru guarantees of increased production to meet our needs,also lets consider that the next time they would like to purchace arms from us or let them go else where to buy less than the latest up to date arms to defend themselves,I think we should no longer sell arms to any one except allies that help us over there and the ones who tell us tough luck when we are in trouble as in this oil situation ,thats how we need to treat them,lets start having a shortage of much needed exports of items they need ,and can only get here in the west ,Meanwhile we need to quit acting like a heroin addict about oil and find something else to use to power our cars etc such as hydrogen fueled cars ,of course the big automakers will have something to say about that as they would have to re tool and change all of there automakering ,and move away from internal combustion,lets do whats in the best interests of the public for once ,and not big oil or big business .Its time for a change either in auto manufacturing or in Washington,and if its not done soon Id bet a major change in Washington will soon happen come election time,lets drill in anwar,just like the Alaskan oil pipeline that was supposed to keep this from happening when it was sold to the public,gee and all that oil goes to japan and we see none of it,pass a law making it illeagle to pump oil here and export oil elsewhere,so we will benefit and have enough oil for us here,but we were sold out by u