Prohibitions On Market Manipulation and False Information in Subtitle B of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 #535819-00007

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maurice strickland
m h v strickland, md, pa
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Prohibitions On Market Manipulation and False Information in Subtitle B of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
I believe the FTC should investigate market manipulation. There is a book called "The Energy Non-Crisis" by Lindsay Williams that should be read and commented upon. As well the book "The Confessions of An Economic Hit-Man" should be read. I am a physician and am largely unfamiliar with the oil business, our inter-dependence with the Mideast and the friendly oil-producing countries, but I think that manipulation of oil prices affects every single person in the country. I knew an Oil Tycoon who told me in the early 1980's that he did not understand the dismanteling of refineries here and the building of large refineries in the Mideast. He said this was a poor move on the part of the USA and would make us beholden to countries in the Mideast who liked our money, but not necessarily liked us. He was in Who's Who In Finance in the World and flew around with Leon Hess and Armond Hammar in their jets and was highly successful in the oil business until he refused to deal with the Mideast and tried to get into alternative energy in the USA. He had many hundreds of millions in loan guarantees for alternative energy (maybe approaching 1/2 billion) during the Carter administration and all these were rescinded when Bush came into office. I believe that the banks refused to cooperate because of the change of administration and oil company pressure. His health failed and he became ill, his company faltered and he subsequently died. There is a fine line between excess governmental intervention in business and allowing big business to manipulate the lives of every person in the county. I am not a believer in conspiricy theories in general, but because of my prior friendship with an insider (not enough of an insider to actually corroborate the theories of Lindsey Williams) who had musings that did correlate with some of Lindsey Williams' charges, I would like our public elected officials to comment in writing about each and every point that Mr. Williams makes. Then the record will stand about each statement made by our electorate when and if the truth is ever revealed. I believe the public will eventually tire of being fed lies and if the lies can be proven in the future, then the careers of the liers in politics will be ended. I do not know what is conjecture and what is a lie at this point in time and I would like carification. Sincerely, M. H. V. Strickland, M.D.