Business Opportunity Rule #535221-00118

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Len Clements
MarketWave, Inc.
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Business Opportunity Rule
REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL 15 DAYS FOR REBUTTAL COMMENTS. When the commencement of this comment period (re: Revised Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) was first announced by the FTC there was great effort extended by both myself and a number of associates to locate the facility to submit such comments electronically (which would not only have been used personally, but provided to numerous others seeking the same informatIon). This included both email (4), paper (1) and voicemail messages (3) to the FTC requesting such guidance, with no response. Both I and an assistance contacted several other prominent individuals within the direct sales industry who all expressed the same confusion and frustration. After several weeks of this we abandoned our efforts with the assumption that only paper comments were being accepted. Now, besides the fact our comment sent by regular mail has not been posted online, I have just discovered -- six days after the comment deadline -- that indeed a facility was eventually made available for electronic submission of comments and rebuttals. The fact that over 17,000 comments were submitted the first time around, and only about 70 commenters participated in the most recent comment period, should make it clear that this online comment facility was as difficult to locate for thousands of others as it was for us. Both myself and many others are still very interesting not in just commenting, but specifically offering rebuttals to certain individuals (posing as ''organizations'' and ''institutes'') who have provided the FTC with blatantly and verifiably deceptive and inaccurate information. We would also like to submit suggestions related to certain ambiguities in the revised version of the new rule. We respectfully and passionately request that this comment/rebuttal period be extended for an additional 15 days. Thank you for your attention and understanding. We very much appreciate your consideration. | Len Clements | Founder & CEO | MarketWave, Inc. | 702-914-1771 |