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STOP THIS SCAM!!! Here's a couple of more recent data points related to my earlier posts. The first one is by the "leader" of the group known as TEAM, who was terminated last August for issues unrelated to the tool scam. However, by his own words on his own blog, he describes the higher level pins making 4-5X as much from the tools as from Quixtar. The TEAM tool prices are similar to all other groups, so unless other groups have MUCH higher production costs, which is quite unlikely, the others make similar tool scam profits. Look at the entry by Orrin Woodward on Thu 03 Jul 2008 12:51 AM EDT at this link, which is also given below: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Amway Australia Letter to IBOs by Orrin Woodward on Thu 03 Jul 2008 12:51 AM EDT | Profile | Permanent Link Anonymous, Not at all. If you read my Quixtar history link off to the side, it will give a fairly detailed history of my involvement with Amway and Quixtar and my upline. I qualified diamond in 2000. Missed qualification in 2001 - the year Chris and Terri qualified. Qualified founder diamond in 2002, EDC in 2003 and 2004. 2005 qualified founders diamond and 2006 and would of been 2007 EDC again. I made between 300k and 600k every year after 2001. My income in MonaVie in a couple of months has been higher than any single year in Amway/Quixtar. Another example of why Amway is not competitive. I received 400k in bonuses after 2 months in MonaVie and that does not include the free Mercedes, free trips to Zermatt ski resort, Disney World, 14 day Meditteranean cruise, and 12 person Penthouse Suite in Atlantis. Laurie and I also qualified for over 60 hours of jet credit hours on the MonaVie jet credits program. I won't have to fly commerical again for quite a while!! Oh and yes the tool incomes were 4 to 5 times higher than the Amway bonuses for all emeralds and above, but in MonaVie the tool side is 50% or less of our MonaVie bonus. If the bonuses go higher then we lower the tool prices even further than the 33% drop we already have reduced them. Now you know why I worked on the board for 3 years to fix this and get Amway to pay their leaders a reasonable amount for the incredible work involved! Now let's see if David fightback will be truthful and accurate. thanks, Orrin The other entry is by another blogger who goes by the name of The Big Apple, and has had shocking recent interface with the higher level IBO's in this business. His entry can be found here,,com_fireboa..., and is also repeated below: IBOFB, With respect to your knowledge and your intellect, in this instance, you are absolutely wrong. You don't know what you're talking about because you are uninformed or misinformed on this subject. You weren't here in the U.S., and you didn't attend the "Steve and Doug Town Hall Meetings" that were held for Pin Emeralds and above. I was. I attended the New York City meeting, and a Pin Triple Diamond IBO I am friends with and confer with regularly was at the Chicago meeting. It was NOT a happy sight. My friend's words about the Chicago meeting were, "it was a blood bath." Doug and Steve were ripped apart by these guys in Chicago about the return to the Amway name. The New York City (Teaneck NJ, actually) meeting was more polite, but they were pointed and insistent. Diamond after Diamond got up and tore the decision apart. The New York Emeralds and Diamonds brought sharp pencils. They were making arguments based on numbers. It was amazing to see Doug and Steve sit there and listen, and be totally gracious. I was one of the very few IBOs that supported the decision, but scolded them for the inaction that led to where we were now. Doug, knowing me for a long time, publically kidded me about something, but took to heart what I (Continued at linK)