Business Opportunity Rule #535221-00091

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Jon Taylor
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Business Opportunity Rule
In this rebuttal of comments by the Direct Selling Association (DSA- comment #535221-00050), I propose a resolution to the mess created by the FTC’s caving in to the intense lobbying by the DSA to exempt MLM (multi-level marketing) from the Proposed Revised Business Opportunity Rule (RPBOR). All informed independent consumer advocates are appalled by this exemption, since extensive research and feedback we have received from tens of thousands of inquirers and victims prove that MLM is by far the most fraudulent of all classes of business opportunity fraud today. World wide, hundreds of MLMs are causing millions of victims to lose tens of billions of dollars every year. Included in this set of comments are the “Top ten reasons for the FTC to be highly suspicious of any comments or lobbying initiatives by the DSA.” Also included is a list of 81 members of the DSA that merit immediate investigation under Section 5, in the event the FTC goes ahead with a Business Opportunity rule exempting MLM – and powerful reasons for investigating these companies for pyramid scheme abuse. These 81 are just the beginning, there are hundreds of others not in the DSA that are just as fraudulent. (See attachment). Respectfully submitted, Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., Pres. CONSUMER AWARENESS INSTITUTE, and Pres., Jon Taylor & Co., 291 E. 1850 South, Bountiful, UT 84010. Email: